KFA-Singapore statement on 73rd Anniversary of DPRK

To His Excellency Kim Jong Un
General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea
President of the State Affairs of the DPRK
Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK,

On behalf of KFA-Singapore we send warm greetings on The 73rd Anniversary of The DPRK. The DPRK has come a long way since the adoption Juche-Songun politics. Under the leadership and guidance of Great Leader Kim IL Sung, Dear Leader Kim Jong IL, and Respected Leader Kim Jong Un, The DPRK has manage to stand firm against her adversaries. The single minded and unity of The Korean people has been tested multiple times and our Comrades in The DPRK stand victorious. We admire The exploits of The Supreme Leadership of The DPRK which no other country has come close to replicate. No other country has such a Leader that truly serves and care for the people.

KFA-Singapore statement on ongoing tensions on Korean Peninsular

KFA-Singapore is deeply concerned at the ongoing tension and hostilities on the Korean peninsular. We support  The DPRK  efforts at building peaceful relation with foreign nations despite the imperialist and aggressors hostilities  towards The DPRK. We stand firm and support behind Respected Leader Kim Jong Un, The KPA, and the Korean people in their struggle for independence and unification.

KFA-Singapore statement on 67th Anniversary end of Korean War

As we observe the solemn occasion of the end of the Korean War in 1953. Let us remember the countless lives that were lost, separation from loved ones, and the psychological damage. Future leaders not only in Korea but throughout the world should take a lesson from the Korean War. Such scale of damage should never happen again. A country should never be divided trough foreign influences. Children should grow up in a healthy environment by enjoying their childhood trough playing and having a stable education. It’s sad to see countless children’s childhood are lost. We should remain strong and vigilant and ever ready. There’s a saying in Singapore “once beaten twice shy” loosely mean one mistake is enough.

KFA-Singapore statement on escalation of tension on Korean Peninsula.

KFA-Singapore strongly condemned the efforts by the traitorous scumbag goverment of South Korea to destabilize the Korean Peninsular. Their acts are a violation of the 2018 declaration.

The so called defactors, the human scum of the world are insulting the dignity of The Supreme Leadership of DPRK and attempting to organized a so called regime change trough launching balloons with anti-DPRK leaflets. Such wishful thinking will never happen in the single hearted unity of The DPRK . Furtheremore President Moon of South Korea and President Trump is looking for ways to distract their citizens from issues in their own country. Such acts are reckless and irresponsible. We called on President Trump and President to cease and desist such acts immidiately and return back with to the negotiating table to make progress on 2018 and 2019 summit. We stand behing His Excellency Kim Jong Un and will trade in our work to defend the Peoples Korea from acts of war.

Celebrating The Day of The Sun

In spite of the global spread of the epidemic, the news of the victory in small but strong country will consider the true meaning of the ‘day of sun’ and the ‘Juche’ idea

Juche idea which is consist of ‘social-political life theory’, ‘supreme leader theory’ and ‘destiny theory’ says the fact that when people dedicate to revolution under the supreme leader’s control, they can be given social life and be brought to paradise

It’s like the principle of nature. Natural organisms can be balanced only through interorganized interactions in the energy of the sun.

People can flourish as a member of the society and revolution when they interact with each other under the leader’s regime

It is the reason why the Western world  which believes that he has developed a political system is being destroyed by the infectious disease.

I hope to remind you of the meaning of the 108th day of sun

The principle of nature is maintained through the interactions of a number of lifes under the presence of the sun. 

It is clear that DPRK is safe and happy to enjoy happiness from the contagious situation is because it has interactions through ideological armed under the control of the leader like the sun.

– Ian –

Commemorating the Birth Anniversary of President Kim IL Sung

During this midst of COVID-19 I sent to you greetings from my heart. On this glorious day on April 15th 109 years ago the Sun of Korea was born bringing peace and prosperity to Korea. Born during the evil imperialist regime President Kim IL Sung devoted his entire life to free Korea from imperialism. After successfully defeating the Japanese, Korea went to war again this time with the imperialist wanted to take over the whole of Korea. Not satisfying with setting up a puppet regime in the South. The imperialist wanted to take over the entire Korean peninsular. But thanks to the wise leadership the DPRK is able to stand against the imperialist for yet another time. After the war, President Kim IL Sung devoted his entire life to rebuild the nation and making it strong and free.

As we commemorate the birth of a great man . Let’s us share what President Kim IL Sung had done. For he had served the people with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength. His undying love and sacrifice for the entire Korean nation will never be forgotten. Even till today his immortal feats will never be forgotten and will forever be in our hearts.

With his maxim of the people are my god, President Kim IL Sung serve his people with great pride. Even when other socialists nation in the 1980s are selling out and embarking so called reforms President Kim IL Sung stand firm.

KFA-Singapore statement of The 8th Anniversary Of Demise Of Generalissimo Kim Jong IL

It was 8 years ago on this day that we received the sad news of the demise of Generalissimo Kim Jong IL. He died while on route to a field guidance whole heartedly devoting his life to his people. He served the people with all his heart and mine till his last breath. He never taking a break from caring and serving his people throughout his life.  

Although he’s now gone he continue to live in our hearts and minds forever being the lighthouse of mankind. We share the grief and lost with the people of DPRK  at the lost of Dear Leader Kim Jong IL.  
Oh General Why you can’t take me with you.

Airul Qaiz 
Official Delegate

KFA-Singapore statement on 2nd DPRK-US summit.

KFA-Singapore applaud the success of the 2nd DPRK-US summit. The meeting between Respected leader Kim Jong Un and U.S President Donald Trump shows that The DPRK; is not a socialist sell out and will stand firm with the principle’s of Juche-Songun politics. Under the wise leadership of Respected Leader Kim Jong Un; President Trump left the meeting empty handed with a tale between his legs. It’s time for President Trump to fulfill his campaign promise of withdrawal of USFK.